Our Brewery

Klere Boght was founded in 2015 by Danny de Kleer. His vision is to make bold beers with strong, outspoken flavors and daring combinations.
The first part of the brewery’s name is arisen from Danny’s last name, the second part is an old Dutch word meaning undrinkable, or crap which is often used to describe cheap wines.

Klere Boght is brewing small batches of craft beer with flavors the brewers themselves love the most, with names that pop up during the brewing process (and the beer tasting that goes with it) which go from the simple ‘X’ (a classic stout) to the tongue twister ‘My Robotfish has lost his Schwarzwalder Kirsch Torte in Space’ (you can guess the flavors – chocolate and cherries).

In the past few years, several beers have been brewed in the home brewery of which the last few were enthusiastically received by (professional & international) beer tasters. This was enough motivation for the brewers to go the professional way. On March 1st, 2020, Klere Boght became an official brewery. At this moment, Klere Boght is busy creating the brewery for brewing small batches of unique beers and will start developping a small series of core beers.